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  • Lucien

EMF´s in schools


Many parents are becoming aware of the fact that their children are exposed to electromagnetic fields of the wireless technology installed in schools.

In order to cover all of the building most if not all schools have Wifi with strong amplifiers installed.

Having Wifi has become ¨normal¨, but if we inform ourselves we soon understand that the wireless technologies have never been proven safe by the industry and that we are all exposed to EMF´s with frequencies that exceed the established values by far.

The controversy around the 2,3,4 and 5G technologies has not stopped the governments and industry to proceed with the Smart network. Organisations from all over the world are demanding the wireless Industry to prove the safety of their technologies. This has not been done, they won´t do it because it cannot be proven. This means that meanwhile the legal procedures that could take years proceed, we, our children and all life forms are the guinea pigs.

In public schools until now it has been impossible to have a dialogue about this issue. The management of schools just say that this lays outside of their competence and that they have no power to influence, which seems to be as it is.

But private schools do have the power to take their own decisions, take responsibility and do anything necessary to ensure the safety of their students.

This following list of pathologies pointed out by hundreds of respected scientists must be enough to open dialogue and take action.