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Shungite Royale, una piedra distinguida.

Actualizado: 30 nov 2020

SHUNGITE ROYALE stands out on the market because we take Shungite very serious. We have studied the market from the mine to the customer. How Shungite is being sold into the world. What people are saying about Shungite. What investigations have been done. Does it really work and have all Shungite pieces the same effectiveness?

My observations have shown me that on the market Shungite is mainly being presented with standard claims about it´s effectiveness on reducing negative effects of artificial electromagnetic fields.

I found more proof about the positive effects that Shungite has on all electromagnetic fields and organic life forms than the wireless industry has proof about the safety of their technology. I have no doubts about Shungite.

But no, not all Shungite is as effective. The effectiveness of a piece of Shungite is measured through it´s conductivity which depends on the C60 carbon molecule content.


So this is why we created Shungite Royale, to clear the market with the truth about Shungite and offer a honest, tested and guaranteed Shungite.

For the interested I will publish all trustworthy information on this website. There is much more about Shungite than we now can see. Certain qualities are still to be discovered or understood. We could say that we just got to know each other but it looks like it´s going to be interesting.

Lucien Mooijman

Shungite Royale Creator

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